Digital Painting Timelapse Video: Frida Kahlo Hair Cutting Portrait

Haven’t digitally painted in a little while, while a little rusty, it feels great! I hope you enjoy this piece inspired by Frida Kahlo’s Painting “Self Portrait with Cropped Hair.”


Authenticity and Fulfillment are MORE important than Happiness.

New video message up. Sorry if I sound exhausted, but was getting used to my new day job schedule! It’s much better, and I actually have time to think, and soon to write more. Not to mention, make more of these videos on a regular basis. Please like and subscribe, and share with someone who might get something out of this message!


The first of many videos about different topics dealing with self development, spirituality, creativity, and randomness.

BLUESKY Timelapse Video: Fairies 

Hey everyone! Going to be posting these timelapse vids every moment I can! I can’t wait to see the progression as I keep drawing! Feels good to put pencil to paper! See the video here

The Drawlers KIDS! Youtube videos

We’ve started a new playlist for videos specifically to encourage creativity for kids! Right now we have our first one, geared mostly to children at preschool or kindergarten age. We will be posting videos regularly to that channel for kids of all ages. Please be sure to like and subscribe!

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